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Wedding Questionnaire


Let’s talk about your day!

Please take a moment to go through this questionnaire so that when the time comes to share your big day I have all of the correct information!

If any questions arise please email or text me!


What's your name? *
What's your name?
We may have already been introduced but if not - Hi! I am Jenna :)
What's your fiance(e)s name? *
What's your fiance(e)s name?
We should probably include him/her too, huh? ;)
Both your email and your fiance's email please!
Your phone number: *
Your phone number:
Your fiance's phone number: *
Your fiance's phone number:
When will you be getting married? *
When will you be getting married?
Please include addresses if I have not put together a timeline for you yet!
If you haven't decided on a dress yet - what kind of style do you like?
If you need some recommendations just put "help!" :)
If you have not decided - are you a DIY type of person or prefer to have them made for you?
Not sure? Just put "undecided"!
If it rains on your wedding day... *
Wedding day details *
Check off which of these you will have!