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Wedding Questionnaire


Tell me about YOU.

Congratulations! If you are filling out this questionnaire you have probably ticked off a HUGE box on your wedding to-do list. Research prospective photographers! (That's me!) 

Now it's time for you to tell me about you and your fiance! This will help me get to know you, and what you're looking for, before sitting down at our consultation. 

Take your time filling this out, and if any questions arise please email or text me!


What's your name? *
What's your name?
We may have already been introduced but if not - Hi! I am Jenna :)
What's your fiance(e)s name? *
What's your fiance(e)s name?
We should probably include him/her too, huh? ;)
When will you be getting married? *
When will you be getting married?
If you are not sure - tell me what about how you envision your venue.
I listen to everything!
If you haven't decided on a dress yet - what kind of style do you like?
If you need some recommendations just put "help!" :)
If you have not decided - are you a DIY type of person or prefer to have them made for you?
Not sure? Just put "undecided"!
This can be hard to answer! So take your time :)
Will you walk through tall grass even if it means spiders are present? *
This is a super legit question.
What kind of style do you like? *
Bouquet and garter toss? *
If you had to choose ONE of the following which would it be? *