Jenna Rosalie Photography: Wedding Photographers in Columbus Ohio
Saving this moment for later.

Meet Jenna

wife → mom → boss lady

jenna rosalie horner

(jenn-uh / rose-uh-lee / h-ore-ner)

I am a hopeless romantic that takes a photo-journalistic and fine art approach to shooting and post processing. I keep the tones of my photographs authentic, but add a splash of punchy contrast to prevent the mood from fading. Over the years I've developed an eye for pointing out the tiniest of details and pushing them to stand out among large scenic surroundings. I bring you not only amazing photographs to recall a specific day, but an experience that you'll remember for a lifetime. Barn weddings, church weddings, backyard weddings, elopements, boudoir, births, single parent families, blended families, birthdays, seniors, toddlers, newborns, pregnancies and babies - I have done it all and I want to work with you!


Husband + Wife Team

We feel that working together with newly married couples takes what we do to the next level. Not only does it refresh the memory of our own wedding day - but it reminds our couples that as a unit, you can take on the craziest of challenges and make it work with communication, trust and patience.

Who are we?

  1. Brett proposed on stage in front of a thousand people at The Used's (my fave band) 10 year anniversary tour & tied the knot on 10/14/17

  2. We frequently quote The Office & Chris Delia

  3. Local breweries & concerts are a date night favorite

  4. We never turn down the opportunity to travel


Above photo credit: Ashley Cox Photos

Yours, Mine and Ours.

We are all about that blended family life. Ben is my 7-year-old chatterbox who always has a question and never gets the right answer. Autumn is Brett's 7-year-old who thinks she's actually 16. It's her way or the highway, y'all! Cailo is our 2-year-old category 5 tornado. He may be cute, but he is rotten to the core. We're always on the go whether it be running from point A to point B, or picking up the couch cushions after the lava has returned to it's carpet state. These three keep life interesting and have a bond like no other.



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