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storytelling for the
vibrant & adventurous soul


hi, i’m jenna!

If we’ve worked together you know I’ll break you from your comfort zone and make you shout at the top of your lungs all in the name of art. Sometimes we skip, jump, twirl, and roll around on the ground. Sometimes we cry, laugh, listen, close our eyes and exhale. If we haven’t worked together, I hope one day we do. I’m fueled by caffeine and sunshine but mostly by my husband who inspires me daily and my kids who refuse to let me sleep. Mama is just resting her eyes! I get so excited after every single shoot I blow up news feeds the same night. This isn’t just my job - it’s my life - it’s your life. I want you to see your life from the outside because it’s beautiful and emotional and raw and next week it’ll be different. Let’s stop it just for a second. Or a fraction of a second if we’re getting technical. Let’s celebrate together, dance together, and make memories together. I’m ready...are you?

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Jenna Rosalie Photography offers wedding and family photography in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.