Above Photo Credit: Lindsey Scholz Photography

   Above Photo Credit: Lindsey Scholz Photography

Meet Jenna

First and foremost I am a mother to two amazing boys. Ben is 5 and is quite the adorable handful. Cailo is 1 and is my little butterball turkey. I also have the honor of helping raise my fiance Brett's 4 year old little girl, Autumn.

When I am not chasing our kids around - I am typically chasing other folk's kids around!

I first started my photography journey back in high school with film photography. I lost interest along the way then picked it back up with digital photography once Ben was a few months old. I started shooting for other people once I realized how quickly things (and people!) change in life. 

When you become a client of Jenna Rosalie Photography, you are also becoming a friend. I will go out of my way to make every image enjoyable for years to come. The best part of my job is to watch my clients grow. It truly is an honor to be the one who freezes those milliseconds that may possibly have been forgotten at one point. 

Saving this moment for later is what I want to do for you and your family. Posing is fine and dandy but sometimes the best portrait is the one that is unexpected.

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